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Health of files?


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I was wondering idly whether it would be possible to determine the "health", the availability, of individual files within a torrent. This would be a good thing for very large torrents, where you're only downloading part of it; or even for small torrents where you only want a part of it, say, one book out of a multi=book torrent, one episode out of a whole-season tv series.

Quite a few people find themselves wanting to download only part of a torrent now and then, so in cases where the health isn't at 100%, you really don't know whether your partial download will succeed or not. All you can do is try, and hope. But if the health of the individual files could be projected, they'd know if they were likely doomed to failure and needed to look for another torrent, or would probably succeed with this one..

Since the piece map doesn't correlate to the file boundaries there would have to be some overlap, but I don't see that as a huge obstacle. Most of the calculation is already being done to accurately compute the health already. I want to suggest exploring this idea further to see if it could be extended.

If this could be done I think it would mark a clear point of superiority for BitComet over other clients.

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