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I have been using BitComet since .8x, and I have a Cable connection. Whenever I use BitComet through my router, my router would crash. The simple solution was to simply plug directly in to the modem. However, as of lately, BitComet crashes my modem as well. At first I was not sure if it was something to do with my Roadrunner modem, so I switched to a different torrent application. Now, neither my router nor modem crash.

I have a feeling that the data tunneling (or whatever it may be called) is uncontrolled, and too much data flow causes the crash. If I nuke my upload speed, it seems to be fine however. But not uploading is bad.

Maybe I have not set the options properly, or the code may be inefficient for data tunneling.

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I have a feeling that the data tunneling (or whatever it may be called)...

It's not called tunneling, at least not in this case. This is most probably an issue concerning the inability of your equipment to cope with the great number of simultaneous entries opened in the NAT table by the all the sockets which BitComet uses during normal operation. Most probably, the culprit is UDP traffic.

If your current client pleases you then you could stick with it, seeing that it doesn't present any problems.

OTOH, if you want to experiment with BitComet further, you can start by reading the "Read This Before Posting" link on top of this page and posting all the info within, so that we may have a clearer idea of what your setup is.

Posting the tested speed results and the settings that you use on the Option-->Connection page of BitComet may also help.

Also a screenshot of the Statistics tab, may come in handy.

That is, if you wish to follow through with this and try to tune BitComet in an attempt to play nice with your equipment.

But if you're perfectly happy with your new client, then there is nothing to prevent you from using it instead.

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