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Bit Comet v1.26 Crashing on Windows 7


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Basic Info:

Bit Comet v1.26

Cable Internet Download Speed 19Mb/s - Upload Speed 2Mb/s

Linksys WRT120N Firmware v1.0.0.1

Windows 7 Home Premium

Avast Free Anti-virus

Windows Firewall

Bit Comet Status: Logged In, DHT Connected, WAN: On


Bit Comet application crash

Unresponsive user interface (i.e. starting existing torrents using right click)

Green Dot status icon turns to to small gray diamond before crashing


Attempting to share a lot to increase Bit Comet score. More than 7 separate torrents being uploaded while 5 torrents downloading.


Why is Bit Comet Crashing?

Will my finished files after being downloaded become corrupted if Bit Comet crashed during their download and I attempted to restart the application , then said torrents finished?

Where can I locate a crash log?

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It usually starts with the green dots next to each torrents turning to grey diamonds

Well, that certainly shouldn't happen if you're not changing your options at the time, causing the tasks to go from active to queued. I suggest you try downgrading to an earlier version, and if this behavior stops, please come back and post this in the bug report forum.

The only way tasks should go from active to queued is if you reduce the maximum task numbers in the options, and you'd presumably know you were doing that.

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