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Sudden stop of download


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I have been facing a problem recently so i decided to uninstall the old version of bitcomet n install bitcomet 1.26.

The problem is that when i leave my laptop to download like overnight or for a long time, i come back to find a red X mark and the download has done 1 or 2% only... What is the problem and how to prevent it....

thanks in advance

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The red X used to mean that BitComet could not write to the disk. That could be for any of the many reasons that a program can't write to a disk, only one of which is that the disk is full.

This was most commonly caused by a permission problem, or an invalid pathname (like, illegal characters in a filename), for example.

The meaning's been expanded several versions ago, to include any fatal error, and you can mouseover the X to see what the exact problem is.

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