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How to Create New language on BitComet?

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Dear sir/ madam!!

I'd like to ask you a question How could I create language on BitComet Website? I was trying to find the place for creating the new language on BitComet but I can not find it... So please tell me how to create the new language on BitComet. Thank in advace...

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As far as I know, you as a simple user cannot create a new language on the Launchpad translation web site.

But you can download PoEdit and go to the Launchpad site and download an already existent .po file (let's say English Canadian or whatever else) and then replace the translated strings for that language with the ones of the language to which you wish to translate. (For instructions about downloading PoEdit and the translation files, go to this Wiki page, the Offline Translation section.

Then create a new .mo file, put it in the languages folder of BitComet and when you switch to the language for which the translation initially was, you'll get an interface in your desired language.

You can also contact Zerojinn and ask her if the team would be willing to add the language you desire, to the list of supported languages.

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BitComet supports Khmer/Cambodian, but we do not provide related .mo file for it, either because its translations are far from complete, or it is reduplicated with other languages.

If you want to use Khmer/Cambodian to replace the language you are currently using, please download the corresponding .mo file from https://translations.launchpad.net/bitcomet, and save it to the lang sub-folder of the BitComet installation folder.

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