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whats wrong with me??

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hi hello good morn ADMINS..

am here to know whether i was completely wrong or out of track in using cometbird 4??

coz til now i experienced not even a single technical problem with cometbird 4.

to be frank am having a lots of fun with this browser.A VERY NICE experience with CB4.

am seeing in the forum so many complaining about cometbird 4.but why like this??i didnt experience all those problems mentioned in our forum.so my doubt is whether i was wrong or they were wrong in using cometbird??or is it totally dependent on individual configured system??

have been using CB since 2 yrs i think.after switching to CB not even one time i touched the other browser even firefox too..but i keep on testing other browsers sometimes.but not satisfied.

no other browser worked like this great COMETBIRD.

all this credit goes to CB DEVELOPING TEAM.


thank u

:wub: i just love COMETBIRD.

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Thank you for your appreciation, they will be forwarded to the development team. :)

The situation in each pc will differ, it dosen't mean you are wrong if you didnt come across some problems with CB 4.0.

CometBird is developed based on Firefox, and CB4 changed a lot from 3.6 version, so is FF4.

We appreciated users suggestions on CB4, and our dev team will take some into consideration in the next version.

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