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New Zealand Skynet Law

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The Government has issued a discussion document about the controversial new 'Skynet' law to punish internet pirates.

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act became law

It puts in place the three-notice regime to deter illegal file sharing which will come into force on September 1.

Parts of the process are still to be decided, and the discussion document covers:

* Requirements for information that copyright owners send to internet service providers (ISPs) under the new notice regime;

* Form and content of the notices;

* The fee an ISP may charge a copyright owner for performing its functions under the Act; and

* The method by which the Copyright Tribunal will calculate awards for copyright infringement.

Under the Act, internet users who ignore three warning notices can be taken to the tribunal which can award damages against them.

There is an ultimate sanction of disconnection, but that will only come into force if the Government considers it is necessary after assessing the effectiveness of the warning system.

The law was widely ridiculed when National rushed it through Parliament under urgency, earning the nickname 'Skynet' after a gaffe by New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young, in which he compared the internet to the fictional supercomputer villain of the Terminator film franchise.

Commerce Minister Simon Power said today there had been a thorough and constructive process on the regime from beginning to end.

"The process for public input into the legislation has been comprehensive, and it's now important that interested parties provide input into the formation of regulations so we can ensure the Act is implemented effectively," he said.

Submissions close on May 27.




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So that is my contribution so far.

My question is, how can i hide my ip address from the ramifications of this law but still use P2P at a decent speed.

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