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Does anyone know how to permanently change the hue,gamma, contrast in a movie or what program to use. Your help will be much appreciated : ))))

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You have to re-encode the video in order to do that.

The application you'll use depends on the codec of the source video and the desired codec of the output video.

There are literally tens of applications going from free to commercial, from very simple do-it-all-automatically ones up to very complex and flexible ones which allow you to control every last encoding parameter of the encoding or even CLI ones which allow you to load scripts for tuning the encoding parameters.

But if you want to fine-tune such delicate parameters as the ones you mention above, then you really should know a whole lot more about digital video and video encoding in general, before you will get any professional results.

There are dozens of good sites to start with, which contain step-by-step guides and tutorials depending on what exactly you want to achieve, and there are a lot of others covering the theoretical aspects of digital video.

You'll probably have to do a lot of reading and learning in the process.

I'm not trying to discourage you. Just letting you know that the field is complex and that there are no "universal solutions" but rather particularized ones and getting good results greatly depends on knowing exactly what you are starting from, what you want to get and what are the best ways and the best tools (that you can afford) in order to achieve that.

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I'm always up for learning some thing new, and when it comes to computers and programs iv always thought myself, this way does take longer but is effective Grey Wizard and as always thanx for the feed back, you deff are the wizard. So where do you think i could get started which site or program?, iv already tried AVS and vlc these dont seem to do what i want. Once again thanx for the feed back.

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These are a couple of good places (not necessarily THE only, but the ones I've used most):


Also their forum contains tons of guides and tutorials for using almost every program out there which works with digital video: http://forum.doom9.org/




These are just a starting point. Wikipedia is also a good resource when you need condensed info on a specific video format.

Happy reading.

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