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Unable to play in full screen

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Hi I just updated by player and it can't play in full screen when I double click it on windows mode it jumps to full screen but there is a line on the right and bottom showing my desktop. its like a mm or 2 gap there. anyone else having the same problem? only the controls runs from the both ends of my screen but not the video.

Screenshot attached.


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Hi rixynator0,

I have reported this issue to our dev team. and the dev team is working on this issue at the moment, but we are not able to reproduce the error yet.

Can you provide more details of your MPC STAR version and config? and which OS are you using now?

Screenshots of config page will be better.

We will keep trying, once this error is fixed, you will know from the changelog of a future version

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I'm on Windows Vista Ultimate x64. Something I found out when I play a video with 1080x720 its able to go to full screen without the gap. The screenshot I provided above was with a video size of 624x352 but I was able to play it on full screen on previous version of MPC Star player.



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