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I'm having a issue with resuming my .BC! files in Bitcomet. I receive an error message that says file not found. It is looking for .torrent files which I believe I don't have the original .torrent files. I deleted my list in the main window of Bitcomet. I choose Delete File and Task. Is there a way to resume .BC! files? I have all the .BC! files in a folder and or sub directories. I have a lot of files and if would be impossible to re-download the torrent files again. Thank you for your assistance.

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The answer is basically, no.

You must have the .torrent files, and without them, you can't complete the download of the contents.

".bc!" is an extension that is optionally tacked onto incomplete content files, to help you separate complete from incomplete. (You can disable this in the preferences/options/whatever). It's just tacked on to the filename and you can get rid of it with a simple rename operation -- but that won't make an incomplete file complete.

If you don't have the .torrent files anymore, well, now you know why you should have kept them, painful lesson. You'll have to find new torrents with the same material and start all over again. Don't open files directly into BitComet. Instead, always save them to a known location, and open them from there. You can move them when they have completed and you're done seeding.

These files are very small and don't take up an appreciable amount of disk space. So don't delete them until you are absolutely certain, beyond all doubt, that you will never need them again, not to download this torrent again, not to seed it, or provide it to somebody else.

C:\Downloads\Torrents and C:\Downloads|Torrents\Completed are good choices.

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