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BitCOmet1.27 command line to start upload .torrent

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BitComet.exe --make --file "C:\temp\xxx" --silent --output "C:\temp". its creating the .torrent file succesfully.

But is there any command line where we can upload the .torrent to the tracker without openin the GUI.

Appreciate your help.


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Trackers generically aren't set up for that.

Instead, you need to interact with a web application, acting as an intermediary, which updates the tracker database. There is no standardization of that web application, and a standardized, automated interface to it via something like ftp would be necessary before a completely automated upload would be possible.

As it is, every tracker site either writes their own, or varies the default, if any, that comes with the particular tracker software they chose to use. None of them have an automated interface, so this would have to be added by hand -- and again, nonstandard.

If this is a frequent issue for you, you may want to broach the administrators of a particular tracker, about ways to do batch uploads to it. They may be able to work out a script or something to accept this.

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