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The BitTorrent Network doesn't use the concept of "shared folders" which is common on other P2P sharing networks, such as eDonkey, Kad, DC++, etc.

Whatever you want to share, you need to create a .torrent file for it (you can do that using the embedded torrent maker in BitComet or any other tool of your choice) and then to upload that .torrent file on a torrent index site.

You also need to load the .torrent file into your client and leave it running (active). If you'll use BitComet to create the .torrent file, it will automatically load the file, and create a running task for it, once it's created. This is called "seeding".

Once someone finds your torrent on the index site and decides s/he wants it, it will download it, open it in his client (just as you do when you download torrents) and then his client will try to connect to you in order to download (that's why it's crucial that you seed the task one you uploaded the .torrent file on the index site, at leas until there are another 1-2 seeds in the swarm).

If the content you seeded is well-sought after, then more downloaders will join and every one of them will be downloading from each other, and some of them from you as well.

Once a couple of other seeds are created among the peers, you may even stop seeding, and the torrent will self-sustain itself from the other peers involved. Its "life" may last from a few days to several years (if the content is desired by lots of people, who will keep joining the swarm).

Detailed steps and instructions for creating and uploading torrents you can find in the related topic on the BitComet Wiki.

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