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Task list annoying lost focus behavior(RESOLVED)

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If i select an item in the task list the entire line will be white text on a blue background, now if I click anywhere outside of the list window like click a tab in the detail window, the entire line will be black text on a very dark gray background causing me a hard time reading the selected task info if I didn't reselect it again.

I first notice this in 1.27 and I thought this will be addressed in 1.28 but its not. I even reinstalled 1.26 and its the same. I've search the forum if somebody else was experiencing this - na da!

At one point i have switch my XP theme to classic and to my surprise the unfocused task line is completely readable - black text on a light blue background. The problem all the while is in my theme. By further tinkering I have found out that the task list focused and unfocused highlight color uses the themes Active Title Bar Color1 and Color2 respectively. So I just changed my theme's Color2 a lighter gray and my problem solved!

I just thought I should share this with you.

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