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Hidden Iframe Comet connection webpage not opening on many systems


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I have implemented server-push hidden iframe technique, but the connection doesnt happen on many systems, and even no error is thrown on their browser. I also tried sample iframe comet article and hosted the given example at my server. But this also works on my system, but does not on many others. Can someone help on where might be the problem. Is it with my hosted server, or client's end?

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I believe that you're mistakingly believing this forum to be a support forum for the Comet web application programming technique.

Well... it's not.

This is a support forum, mainly, for the BitComet peer-to-peer BitTorrent client and for some other related software products developed by Comet Networks - Shanghai, such as the CometBird browser, CometMarks, Comet Player, MPCStar, etc.

So, unfortunately I don't think you'll find any valuable help on your problem here (unless some forum member knows anything about Comet web programming).

I'm not a web programmer but a simple search returned some links, mostly on blogs and such, perhaps you'll find someone to talk with there. Especially in the comments section on some pages, I could see there were others interested in this stuff.








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