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I'm having a problem with this browser, where I go to switch to another tab in the browser window and instead of switching to it it closes the tab, forcing me to have to reload the tab from history. I loathe when this happens, as it's happening 20 + times a day. I switched from Safari, because Safari totally sucks, however I'm starting the have the same feelings here as this is more annoying than Safari's not being able to have tab memory. Is there anything I can do about this? I'm running Firefox, Cometbird and Chrome due to having several different accounts open for Facebook (have no choice if I don't want to sign in and out each time.) I am running Vista home premium on a XFX motherboard utilizing a Intel pentium Dual CPU E2200 @ 2.20GHz 32 Bit,

4.00 GB memory.

On another note, it took me an hour to be able to post this due to having to go through the annoying sign up. That's too long to try to get a question started to be answered.


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So, is your problem with BitComet? It sounds like you're talking about CometBird/Firefox/Chrome, and if so, you've posted in the wrong forum. Without specific examples, I doubt anyone can help much anyway. No idea why your sign-up took an hour, it certainly doesn't take me anything like that long.

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