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Bitcomet 1.30 Issues


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I have recently downloaded BitComet 1.3 release and having issues using it properly. The list of issues (not found in earlier versions) is as below:

1. Bitcomet does not remember previous view settings. For instance the left hand frame size always has to be sized after every restart to look at the comet ID details properly.

2. The scheduler speed limits are no longer honoured. Previous versions used to work like a breeze once this was changed.

3. The upload/download speeds are not shown properly in the title bar. Looks like the screen freezes at times.

4. The overall GUI seems to be cramped and the contents are not resizing properly. For instance the last "search" option used to come properly in earlier version but in this version it just goes outside the boundary of the window and is not visible at all.

Request the developers to look at this and fix the issue at the earliest.

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Will the older version be fixed after the new version come out?

Let say, if 1.31 stable rc come out, will all bugs on bc1.30 be fixed?

I revert back to 1.28 when I found that bc1.30 got bugs which I can't accept.

I don't have any problem with 1.28 but just assure that I am using a clean version...

Should I use bc1.29?

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