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Torrent Task Makes Bit Comet Not Respond

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My trouble is I have a bad torrent. I don't know how to get rid of it. When I select it in the task area, so that I can delet it, .. it immediately makes my bit comet Not Respond. Then I have to End Program through Task Manager and Restart Bit Comet. .. So this torrent just hangs out in my Torrent Task area and I am unable to remove it. :(

Any ideas on an alternative way to delete a task without selecting it?

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Your current task list is in your downloads.xml file, which is found in your %appdata% folder or in your application folder, depending on your settings. Like all xml files, it's text and is editable by notepad or something similar. You can just cut the offending task out of it.

Or, if that's the only task running, you can simply delete the whole file.

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