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Uploading Problem

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I just switched to Bit Comet and I'm having a problem with regards to uploading torrents. I have a bandwidth monitor that actively monitors how much data I'm uploading/downloading and it reports my upload speed to be 4x what BitComet is set to. If my upload speed goes much further than above 1/2 what my max is my browser keeps timing out and I can't use the internet for anything because of this. Is there any reason why BitComet is uploading more than I have it set to or is there a way for me to get around how badly it lags my browser?

Thanks for any help that can be offered.

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I remember reading a couple of similar reports in the past, but none of the posters followed through with bringing hard evidence on that, so that we may submit it as a bug report.

I suggest you provide first all the info requested in the: Read This Before Posting announcement which is on top of this section.

Then you'll need to provide some screenshots of the BitComet Statistics page taken in parallel with screenshots of your monitoring program to show the differences in reported traffic.

However, if your monitoring application doesn't report traffic on a per-application basis, you still won't have irrefutable evidence that all the extra traffic is being generated by BitComet.

What you could do is take another screenshot of your monitoring application immediately after closing BitComet, to prove that the upload speed dropped below your set max, after closing it.

That way, if this proves to be correct, this could be the basis for forwarding a bug report to the development team.

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