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all ports blocked windows 7


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I may not have noticed otherwise but I am running a dual boot configuration of win xp and win 7 64 bit and yes I have the same problem with win 7 32 bit. I have my modem and router configured and ports forwarded correctly. When I boot into xp 32 bit, everything is fine and I have a green light. When I boot into win 7, even though my port forwarding has not changed and I have set up the same listening port with the same version of bitcomet, I get a yellow light and I have checked all I can to make sure that everything is identical except windows versions. Why am I green in xp and yellow in win 7 with same ports and same Bitcomet versions?

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I get Port Detection Failed now.

I am new to this forum but not new to bitcomet. I have been an avid bitcomet user for many years, and never had a connection issue. Now i do. I downloaded the new Bitcomet 1.31 and It says it won't connect. Can anyone help? I am running windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit and I have DSL. maybe The settings are wrong? I dont know. I just downloaded the 1.31 version and haven't changed any other settings. How can i fix this? never had a problem before. Or should I try to revert back to my old bitcomet? and how?

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WHen you boot into a different OS, you are now under that particular OS's built-in firewall, and also under the programs it automatically starts -- including any software firewalls. One or more of these is clearly configured to block incoming traffic on BitComet's listen port under Win7.

Version 1.31 has only very minor changes, none of which affect connectivity. If you have issues under it, you will probably have the same issues under any other version, and must troubleshoot your system starting with the old adage, "what changed?". (Clearly, besides your BitComet version.). As it says in the FAQ, you can upgrade or downgrade by simply installing the desired version over the existing version.

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