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connection with the new 1,31

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I will try this again. I am new to this forum but not new to bitcomet. I have been an avid bitcomet user for many years, and never had a connection issue. Now i do. I downloaded the new Bitcomet 1.31 and It says it won't connect. Can anyone help? I am running windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit and I have DSL. maybe The settings are wrong? I dont know. I just downloaded the 1.31 version and haven't changed any other settings. How can i fix this? never had a problem before. Or should I try to revert back to my old bitcomet? and how?

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There are no changes to 1.31 in this area, so the problem is elsewhere. If your firewall attempts to identify the particular executables allowed through (as some do, usually via a hash), then it will block even files with the same name, because the hashes don't match. In that event you have to tell the firewall that things have changed.

It's also possible that the upgrade simply revealed a problem that already existed but escaped notice before.

You can revert to a former version by simply installing the previous version right over the later one, unless you have also transited from 32 bit to 64 bit in the upgrade. THen it's a little trickier.

If you still have the same problem after the downgrade then the problem is usually in the system or network setup, and solving it for one version of BitComet solves for all.

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