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Limite BitComet BT download to VPN IP Only

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Hi BitComet was the first BT tool i used and only one i use so far, love it, thanks guys:)

Recently i started to use VPN service (Paid) to ensure the securities ....

For some unknown reasons, VPN drops sometimes, say every few hours, even if still downloading,

Is there any way i can restrict BT downloading only using VPN IP (in BitComet) ?

I know there is a proxy option, after i entered the vpn details, it seems not work,

please help, thanks :)

by the way, i know some software doing this job, vpncheck, just don't want to too many installed

to mess up

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The short answer is: you can't.

Not only BitComet doesn't control the IP of the local machine but it does not even care about it, so to speak.

Yes BC will detect and display it for you but that's as far as it goes. It will report to trackers and DHT whatever public IP it has detected but it doesn't care WHAT IP that is.

You could try to set up a rule in one of your firewalls to deny outgoing traffic having a source IP any other than from within the range of IPs used by the VPN service. I'm not sure whether that would have any adverse effect in the moments BEFORE connecting to the VPN server (it might deny you any Internet access, so you might need to enforce it only AFTER you are already connected to the VPN server), but it might be worth a shot as a workaround to your issue.

I moved your post from Feature Requests since what you posted is a question not a request.

But if you still feel like it's worth feel free to make a proper request in that area for this type of feature.

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