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am nevoie de putin ajutor va rog

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Ce versiune de BitComet folosesti? Ce sistem de operare?

Deschide o fereastra de My Computer de exemplu si scrie in bara de adrese %appdata% . Daca vezi un folder pe nume BitComet acolo intra in el. Cauta un fisier cu numele asemanator cu Downloads.xml.aaaallzz.bak recent dar cu o data (aaaallzz) ce preceda blocarea calculatorului si redenumestel astfel incat sa ramana doar Downloads.xml la numele fisierului. Vei vedea o eroare ca fisierul deja exista, e corect asa(te asigura ca l-ai redenumit corec), sterege actualul Downloads.xml si redenumeste-l pe cel ales anterior. Reporneste BitComet si vei vedea ca sarcinile au reaparut.


What version of BitComet are you using? What operating system?

Open a My Computer window for example, and write %appdata% in the address bar. If you see a folder called BitComet there open it. Look for a recent file named similarly to Downloads.xml.yyyymmdd.bak but dated (yyyymmdd) before the crash and rename it so that only Downloads.xml remains in it's file name. You'll get an error stating that the file already exists, this is correct(it assures you that you're renaming it right), delete the current Downloads.xml file and rename the previously chosen file again. Restart BitComet and you'll see that your tasks are restored.

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Mersi. Mai am o intrebare stii cumva de ce cind merge bitcomet imi sacadeaza compu cind il opresc merge normal. Folosesc versiunea 1.3.1 si am win 7. si la pc am dualcore 2.1 si 4 gb rami.Mersi inca o data

Thanks! I have one more question, do you know why my computer slows down while BitComet is running? When I close it everything goes back to normal. I'm using the 1.31 version and I have windows 7. My pc has a 2.1Ghz dual core cpu and 4GB of RAM. Thanks again!

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Cu placere!

Cate sarcini (torrent) tii pornite in acelasi timp? In task manager ce procent foloseste din capacitatea procesoarelor atunci cand merge greu? Ai vre-un firewall inafara de cel de la windows? Ce program de securitate folosesti?

With pleasure!

How many task do you keep active at a time? What CPU usage do you see for BitComet in the Task Manager when your pc slows down? Do you have any firewall other than the one from windows? What security solution are you using?

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