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bitcomet is not downloading

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hi everyone,

im having problems with bitcomet 1.31 somehow this week stop downloading. every time i start the programs downloads files for 10 secs max then dies and it shows 0 seeds afterwards,

i've search for everything that can help me but no results please help

im running:

Win 7 home prem.

Bitcomet 1.31

internet provider: telus/DSL

thank you in advance...

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This is the way bittorrent works.

When you start a torrent, the client attempts to contact the tracker and/or the DHT network, to get a list of peers who are interested in this torrent.

The client reports the count that it got, to you.

The client then attempts to contact some of those peers in order to compare what parts it has with what parts they have. (In the beginning, of course, nobody except the original seeder has anything.)

Meanwhile, other clients update their own lists from the tracker, see that you've been added to it, and attempt to contact you.

If there are no seeds, and nobody has any part of the download, then this is a dead torrent.

If it's brand new, then maybe a seeder will show up pretty soon, so you might want to wait around for a short time -- but this is not a good sign. For most torrents that aren't dead there will be participants immediately. Not necessarily seeders, though.

I wouldn't wait very long in that situation. A seeder should begin uploading just as soon as he finished uploading the .torrent file.

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This is apparently a new display defect.

Getting the list of peers usually takes a few seconds, up to 2 minutes, before it displays. Sounds like what you're seeing is just random noise before it settles down. When BC first starts, the peers columns should be blank because it hasn't had time to find any yet.

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