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Scan folder for torrent files


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Good day,

I have a network setup in such fashion, that one computer is set up as a file server, that all other computers in network can access as a network drive. This computer is running, among other services, a torrent client. Other computers are setup to automatically save .torrent files into designated folder on the network drive (say Z:/torrent).

Now until recently, I have used a linux box with rTorrent client and all was well, but it died couple months ago, and with computer circulation in household I came to an unused notebook with Windows 7 in it. Now the idea for the notebook is, to connect it to a TV to serve as a media center, and, if needed, a tertiary computer for office work and similar, so changing platform to Linux is mostly out of question.

I have been using several other clients on Windows before, but most any I tried was freezing on 7, so I was very glad to find out about BitComet. Works great, including scheduling and other useful things, but I can not find if there is a setting for scanning a specific folder for .torrent files. Is this possible? I searched the forum and the web, but all I found was an old thread referencing some long-lost windows script, and directing the poster to Feature Request forums.

Has this feature been implemented yet, or has the script surfaced in the meantime? I am otherwise very happy with BitComet, and this would let me finally finish the setup as proper media server with all the functions I need.

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