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How to advertise my torrent?


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Hi guys,

well what can I say I am new here and dl the latest Bitcomet. Everything is working really well. I seed every file I dl for at least double the time back and don't restrict my upload speed. Here is my quiery, I created a torrent my music folder of about 13GB. Where do I advertise it to people?? How do I do it?? Any help??

THX Terry :D

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The first thing I would say about it is not to make torrents anywhere near that big. I would avoid anything more than will fit on a single DVD unless you've got a really good reason to make it larger. One of the many reasons for this is that many people just don't have that much free disk space on their systems, so they're going to download it piecemeal anyway.

If you upload to a public tracker like TPB, or a semipublic one like Demonoid then a lot of people will see it. Advertising as such is frowned on or forbidden most places, but you can mention/link to it on Facebook or your blog page.

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