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download will not play


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Hi, I have downloaded a TV series, "Heartbeat 2", but when I try to play it on the computer, media player says it cant play it because the file isnt supported or the codecs are wrong. I have also tried it on the TV but it still doesnt play. I downloaded k-lite codec pack to see if that would solve the problem, but it still doesnt play. I have allready got "Heartbeat 1 & 3" and they both play without any problem. I thought that I must have downloaded one with the wrong file but I have checked the files and all three series are identical "dvdrip.xvid.avi (AVI video file). With my limited knowledge of computers I think my best and easiest choice is to redownload it and try to get a different download. The problem with that is how do I tell that I am not downloading the same as before, does anyone know of a way to tell the difference before I start to download. Another thing is do I delete it from my list as it is still seeding . Thanking you in anticipation.

Bitcomet - 1.29 Windows 7 32 bit ADSL

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install mediainfo http://sourceforge.net/projects/mediainfo/

check what Audio / VIdeo Codec Used, find a codec pack or use mpcstar.com to play that video. or install videolan or kplayer

this is very optional get it from usenet instead of bitorrent network :) , download binreader.com , visit just4today.net provides free login every day, visit https://www.nzb.cc/

little tip, you sould probably look for this nzb

Heartbeat Season 2 "Heartbeat season 2"

Heartbeat season 2\HB.S02E02.avi

by CPP-gebruiker@domein.nl (alf1972) in a.b.dvd a.b.boneless - 300 days ago - 3531 MB

notice just4today.net provides retention around 20 days i think not sure, you could always try it.


there is the IRC way, hmm many ways lol

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