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VIP Acceleration Quote Calculation problem


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Hi, I just bought a 10GB plan, but was quite fed up with how it calculates bandwidth. I had a download of 6.5GB, and I had finished 3.5GB already but I felt it was too slow so I bought the VIP plan. However, BitComet calculates the already downloaded 3.5GB into the bandwidth.

Can the BitComet team explain why this is happening? I feel that it's unfair for BitComet to charge for what we have downloaded without VIP. Thanks!

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The way the plan works right now is to charge you for the full bandwidth of the torrent you are downloading, not the bandwidth actually used. The developers apparently did not anticipate, or are having too many problems elsewhere to deal with, partial downloads and various mixes.

Whether that's "fair" or not, it is predictable and controllable, you know "how much is this gonna cost me?" when you start. There would be howls of complaint about THAT, if you couldn't.

Anonymous VIP is a very rough product in alpha stage, done by people who work on it part-time at best. Expect surprises, mostly unpleasant, as new situations are evolved by experience. They're hopefully focused on getting the whole thing working right, before dealing with all of the special cases.

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