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MPCstar plays 10 bit vids

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MPCstar video player has been my player of choice since the early version 3 or maybe late ver 2. I am now using version 5.4 (essentially, at least that's what it says in Help Tab > about.

With 10 bits animes becoming the standard releases, I did my research into playing 10 bits. My 1st solution was to use MPC+madVR+Haali Media splitter+LAV Filter (Audio) and it works great. [Help here > http://coalgirls.wak...o/?page_id=4611 ]

However as my player of choice is MPCstar, I search around and found this post, http://doom10.org/in...hp?topic=1835.0 and installing after I installed the above works i.e. both work fine.

So now my player of choice, MPCstar now plays 10 bits vids without any hitch. [Wasn't so before I updated the FFDshow codecs]

My test was simple, I play the same 10 bits vid on both players simulteanously on my 42" TV side by side (Same scene showing) and viola, both works.

The color depth in MPCstar was excellent although the MPC was marginally brighter/sharper. Here's an image of both.



Anyway, as you can see, MPCstar plays 10 bits vids very well.

Hope this helps. Enjoy...

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Actually, I've been able to play my 10 bit vids for a long time, but you do have a point with the MPC being brighter/sharper. According to the forum you have to tweak the filters. My guess is that <PC use Haali Media Splitter, giving it that better look. I might be wrong, but if you have any suggestions, share please.

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