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Several bugs report

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1. Bug

Today I downloaded .torrent file from my favorite tracker which causes BitComet to ignore priorities and act very strangely. Files cannot be excluded from download on any stage, not in initial popup dialog nor later using chackboxes or right-click menu. This situation never happens with other .torrent files wich causes me to suggest the problem may be related to interpreting maleformed .torrent files or at least with some specific .torrent files. BitComet don't pop up any error message when accepting this file, it is just completly broken.

I confirmed the bug on two different machines with BitComet 1.31 x64 and x32 using Windows 7 Professional x64 and Windows 7 Home Premium x32.

The problem is I cannot attach the .torrent file causing this problems to public without compromising passkey to my account on private tracker so I will wait until support crew provide me email adress to send it.

2. Bug

When I try to run .exe file downloaded with BitComet I always encounter temporary freeze and small CPU load. It is almost unnotisable with small files like 100Mb or something but when trying to run .exe files more than 1.5 GB freze time reaching almost 20 seconds witch is pretty annoyng considering I run it on very good PC. When I run said files from Windows Explorer using "Open Directory" option first, they run instataniously. I don't use any antivirus software and BitComet do not protect me from viruses so I don't know why should I experience this delay every time I try to run executable file directly from BitComet.

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I'm sorry, I mean BitComet 1.32. But it was installed over 1.31 after bug occurred on both machines. I cannot confirm if it will present on clean 1.32 installation since it cannot be done without using any third party software.

Which is a shame, the option to clean registry and personal user folders when uninstalling would be very convenient in many cases, I hope it will be added in new versions.

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BitComet does not run an executable file. You cannot "run it from BitComet".

BitComet passes the matter directly over to the operating system and is done with it. If you try to open a picture with BitComet, BC again passes the matter directly over to the OS, which uses your pic-viewing software of choice to view same, but BC is done with it. If you try to open a text file with BitComet, BC passes the matter directly over to Notepad and is done with it.

You say you have no antivirus. Ok, but this is foolish to the point of self-destructiveness. It's quite likely that you're being saved from yourself by having anti-malware software of some sort installed, whether you know it or not.

If, indeed, you actually do not, then you have probably already been zombied, and the software must first report what you're trying to run, to its unknown master, in order to see if you've included any personal information in the parameters that they want to collect.,

It's quite easy to run a clean installation of BitComet, since only the association with .torrent files is written to the registry, and that's a trivial matter to clean up if you must. There's no real reason to, though. Windows will simply report that it can't find the requisite application and ask you if you want to remove the link.

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OK, bug 2 was problem of my OS so scratch that out.

I'm experienced user and getting rid of anti-virus software on my main PC is my choice. I still have one on my home server to perform scans on suspicious files manually.

Windows 7 is making publisher check really slow first time after boot and really quick on subsequent runs, that's why I thought it was BitComet problem (I tried to run it from Windows Explorer always second time before).

When uninstalling BitComet and installing new version downloads list is still there and so does broken entry created when that specific .torrent was opened, where interface (checkboxes and right-click menus) are partially broken. That is why I cannot conciser this installation clean.

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BitComet stores its data files in %appdata% by default.

You *can* tell it not to, but then BitComet stores its data files in Program Files, modulo Virtual Storage. That gets really confusing really fast.

If you want to remove the task list, it's contained in the file "download.xml", which, being xml and therefore text, can be read, edited, and deleted. Your preferences and settings are also stored in the same location, in the bitcomet.xml file. They are nominally independent of the BitComet version being run. If you wish a completely clean install, delete the appropriate subfolder in %appdata%.

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