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Acceleration enabled, download channel is ready, but not downloading

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So I finally got a torrent to use VIP and my download channel is ready. Also, for obvious reasons I have Anonymous Download enabled.

My problem is, nothing is downloading. What gives? Am I supposed to do something else?

So far of the 30 torrents I've tried using with VIP, this is the only one that has gotten past the "Preparing your download channel..." stage. Now that I have a torrent working with VIP, it isn't downloading. I'm so frustrated. Any insight would be appreciated!

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So far my experience has been dismal. Of the 40-50 torrents I have tried VIP with thus far, only one eventually worked (the one posted about above). The torrent posted above had over 1000 seeders and about 20,000 leachers. Any other torrent I have tried to use VIP with has been unsuccessful and gets stuck preparing the download channel. Even the torrent listed above, with Anonymity enabled, downloaded at a measly 100-150kb/s. I eventually released the VIP and Anonymity and downloaded the remainder at 2200 - 2500kb/s.

This service flat out doesn't work. The site should be taken down period. When I get a 2% success rate, that is shameful. Even with the success, the download speed was so poor that I couldn't wait to disable VIP.

After trying to contact bitcomet on both these forums and by email, with no response after a week, I have resorted to filing a claim with paypal. It's not that I don't want to support bitcomet, but bitcomet seems to fail to want to support me. I regret not finding these forums before purchasing.

Anybody finding this post, buyer beware!

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