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BitComet - problems and questions

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Hello everyone, I`m newbie with BitComet and I got some problems with this application.


1) How do I transfer my BC settings to another version (tags inside the program, size of window etc.)?


1) There is a weird thing going on with my upload speed. When BitComet starts to seed the torrent first the speed goes up very fast, but then it goes down. It happens all the time no matter if there are lots of seeds or if there are no seeds at all. For example, when I just start seed something speed might go up to 1 MB, but then it goes down to ~100 KB. Is that high speed some kind of fake indicator or something? Why it goes down?

2) As more torrents I seed as slower application starts to work. Application starts to lag very hard, it takes minutes til it responds on simple actions (like clicking on something). Also I can`t close it manually - it just doesn`t closes and if I try to close it from the tray - the context menu when I click on the BitComet icon in tray just doesn`t appears. Also BitComet starts to lag other applications, my Opera browser starts to freeze. In Task Manager it shows that Bitcomet memory usage is ~300 MB which isn`t that high considering that I got 8 GB of RAM, but it still makes me lag really hard.

3) When I run BitComet it doesn`t starts seeding automatically even though I enabled longtime seeding in Settings.

4) Also sometimes BC makes so called BC files. Why they take so much space on harddrive and how to get rid of them?

5) Sometimes when I click on torrent task it highlights with gray color and I can`t do anything with it.

BC client: 1.32 Stable Release

Internet connection: LAN 100 MB

My OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Firewall: Windows Firewall

Antivirus: ESET Smart Security 5

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All of the transferable settings are contained in an .xml file, located by default in your %appdata% directory.

Upgrading or downgrading does not overwrite this file, so your settings are preserved as you do either. Some settings are not preserved, unfortunately, and there is no cure for this.

Your questions 1 through 5 are discussed extensively in the FAQ and the Settings Guide.

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