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BitComet can't hash large torrents


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I have a large (~75 GB) torrent that I wished to seed with BitComet.

When BitComet attempts to hash-check the torrent, it does nothing and indicates no progress at all. Performing the same task with utorrent results in almost immediate progress through the torrent - 1%, 2%, 3%, not quickly (but that's not surprising given the size of the torrent), utorrent tells me that it is doing something and making progress. BitComet, on the other hand, does and says nothing to indicate that it is still alive.

Process explorer shows that BitComet is using a lot of cycles to do this nothing.

Utorrent eventually finishes the hash-check. BitComet is still showing no sign of life. If I attempt to do anything with BitComet, like stopping the hash check, the application stops responding and is so reported by windows. I must kill the BitComet process to escape from it.

  • BitComet needs a "heartbeat", an indicator to show that it is still alive and still doing SOMEthing.
  • BitComet needs to be able to hash-check and seed extremely large torrents without breaking.

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