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some doubts, help needed arjently!!!


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dear friends!!! I would like to narrate one big problem which iam facing, since day after yesterday my download speed was in between 50 KBPS and 60 KBPS with all downloaded files.

but since yesterday my download is so slow that is, 11 KBPS and 17 KBPS ect ect.

please tell me what I should do for that previous download speed around 60 and more??

I understood while increasing my score I will get more and more download speed aswell.

So, here iam giving all of the details regarding with my bitcomet score and system configuration.

my score is 748 which iam preparing this post.

my system configuration are follows:

operating system: windows xp service pack 2.

bitcomet version: 1.32.

internet modem: ADSL modem. [Y five modem].

Internet connection: BSNL unlimited broadband 256 KBPS.

My another doubts are ,

I couldn't understand what is these two options under emule pleggins under options under files tab they are,

Add files to download in paused mode and,

Try to download preview chunks mode.

by default that is not ticked, so, do I have to tick those???

how it will work if I have checked once??

hope knowledgeable people will respond soon.

with many million thanks yours,

Timy .

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