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need help seeding

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Hi i have Bit Comet 1.32 running Windows 7 home premiuim 64 bit desktop. Bit comet download fine excepth the lisoening port is blocked so it is a slower. I do not have a router. My ISP I assume has a router which is Verizon. So i do not know how to poert forward. When the tasks finish dowloading the do not seed at all the upload shows 0. I have long term seeding enabled. I would like to be able to help out and seed a task when done. Can anybody help me out? What do i do to get tasks uploading abnd seeding? Thaks in advance

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A normal Verizon home account is not firewalled.

You will need to get your listen port open, which means finding the firewall(s) that are blocking it. Our Guides and Tutorials section has extensive discussion on how to do this, along with many examples.

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