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automatic Hash Coments tab read/Write Poster.


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On completion of download

EDK , DC++ , MD5 Sha256 , gnutella 1& 2 (other common hash's) hash out >>>> Comments Tab Message poster.

Next person to download the torrent Can see the comment format , or so can Bit comet , and automatically Append EDK to hasten download.

I sometimes use Shareaza with same torrent if it has the gnutella hashes embed into the torrent for those particularly stubborn torrents. ie slow linked music torrents that are a touch stale

If BC Added a gnutella 1/2 and DC++ Plugin modules that didn't crash or suck as much as Shareaza one stop shopping

the bonus is an alternative to rarely seeded torrents IE mp3's would more likely be "Available" and would reconstruct the seeding.

or more likely to be found.

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