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BitComet turns off my internet..

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I already have BitComet for 2 days,my internet goes off and on like every 30mins after installing BitComet..

Also the port is blocked, although my firewall doesn't block it,even after turning off the firewall i get yellow light that it's still blocked.

Listen Port of TCP: 49152 (Blocked by Firewall/Router)

But the UDP works...

Windows Firewall: Added [TCP added, UDP added, TCP(ED2K) opened, UDP(ED2K) opened]
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If you think the second line tells you that UDP worked, then it tells you that TCP worked too.

Very, very, very bad idea to turn firewall off. Like taking your front door off the hinges because you had trouble with the lock. Your TV and stereo will go walkabout. Homeless strangers will set up housekeeping in your living room. Your identity will go waltzing out the door.

You didn't supply the necessary basic information, the stuff that it says to supply in the sticky topic titled "READ BEFORE POSTING".

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