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hi guys ive some questions

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hi guys i have been an avid bitcomet fan for many years, i find it really easy to use and have recommended it to family and friends.

ok enough of that, i have some questions..

well 2 yrs ago i have received a laptop, toshiba a505 something, and it was working fine, i however keep it up all night and all day downloading stuff, after 1 yr it started to shut down when i play world of warcraft..due to overheat.

then a year after that (2012, around july) my laptop overheat a lot faster even though i had it serviced. one day my friend was watching a movie and the laptop turned off and didnt turn back on again. :( i had it servied and the guy in the technician place told me my hard disk has died, i had a lot of movies there that i wanted him to save but he only saved my files/documents, and sadly none of my movies.

so i was wondering, does downloading torrents ruin hard disks? does it make ur laptop "mature/age" faster? cause of the constant moving of the hard disks probably?

also my 2nd question is, like i have downlaoded a mission impossible movie and a few weeks after that my game account got hacked, it was not able to hack my email address but it was slightly damaging because blizzard (the company of the game) locked me out and banned me from the game and i had to call them to re-instate it.....

so my 2nd question is, is it possible to get hacked therough the use of a torrent download thing?

i think i was using avast as my anti virus at that time..

of course i have gotten past the disk failure, i had it replaced, as for my game i have gotten an authenticator for it.

thanks for your time, and have a nice day..


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Your best bet is to teach yourself about bittorrent.

When a computer overheats, something is badly wrong already. That it has overheated tells you you're probably too late, but if you don't change anything -- just keep going like you were, then the heat damage is going to grow and grow until the system quits.

Downloading a torrent is no different from any other computer activity. It doesn't "ruin" anything, any more than writing a document in MSWord does.

On the other hand, performing any activity at all on a computer that has already quit from overheating is going to damage it further, until you do something about the overheating. Just about all laptops now have alarms that let you know well before the temperature gets out of hand, that it is too high. Ignore them at your peril.

So change the location, get better airflow, get a fan under the laptop, but get the heat problem sorted.

Hacking is usually facilitated by foolish downloading practices, and these can be done via bittorrent as well as any other means. But this is almost certainly not the issue here, as most companies seem to have a hard time keeping their own information secure.

Using bittorrent will, however, make you go blind, as everybody knows.

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