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Collapse ALL folders in Detailed Info "Files" pane...

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Hi, when I'm downloading a multi-multi-file torrent (eg. 1000 files in 100 folders) I don't get it why are all the folders expanded by default every time...I'd love to be able to collapse ALL folders at ONCE and tick (or highlight) the folders I want instead of collapsing them one-by-one, it's annoying spending a few minutes clicking them "-" signs to collapse each folder just to get a neat folder-only birds-eye-view of a torrent every time...

Or if anybody knows how to do it, I'd like to be enlightened))

Thank you all for your time and I hope that the wonderful BitComet team would take a note of this, thank you all again.

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It's true that most users for most torrents wish too be able to see by default what's inside each folder, therefore all folders are initially expanded.

However, if you right-click on any root folder, you will see a menu entry called Collapse same-level folders.

I think this is what you want.

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