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Not downloading torrents and problems with restarting

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Hi, I've currently updated BitComet (64-bit) to 1.36 from 1.35 but the problem remains. When the computer starts, BitComet starts normally. However, when I try to download a torrent, it shows the options, I click to start downloading but it doesn't start and the file is not added to the list. If I keep trying downloading, it says that the torrent is already on the list but it's not. Then I have to kill the program and click to download the torrent. BitComet starts and it starts downloading, not complaining that the torrent is on the list. Meanwhile, magnets are downloaded at the first try without restarting. They take quite a while to load the torrent itself but that's not crucial.

The biggest problem occurs while restarting BitComet. It freezes the whole computer for a few minutes and then, according to Windows Task Manager, grabs most of the CPU and memory. Sometimes it takes up to 3GB of RAM. Therefore, it almost kills all the other processes. It takes about half an hour to restore the system back to the working condition, and some processes have to be restarted manually to work normally. Sometimes during the restoration BitComet stops responding and suggests to exit the program.

Also, there are some minor problems. Such as, I can't delete the files from the list and when I try to set up the time to shutdown the computer it seems to let me do so, but if I check later, it's like I didn't do anything.

I use ADSL, don't use a modem or a router. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and Kaspersky Antivirus 2013.

Has anyone else come across this problem? What can I do?

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