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torrent opening failed


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I've just downloaded Bitcomet 64 bit version to my windows laptop. Everytime i try to download something Bitcomet says 'torrent file opening failed'. I have tried a few different links but it's the same with them all.

I was using pirate bay and have been clicking on the get torrent link which i know should start the download staright away and that's when the error message pops up.

I'm not great with computer language so a simplified solution would be great. I've been looking around on the forums and found a couple of related questions but I couldn't understand the posts on solutions due to the language.


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Here are two ways:

1.open firefox

2.Tools and then options

3.click on the applications tab

4.Find magnets on the left hand side

5Then on the right column or "action" i saw that it did say bitcomet but when i checked to see another program there were 2 bitcomets programs for some reason so i clicked on the other Bitcomet and restarted fiorefox and magnets and torrents work fine now.


• Set BC to be default app for magnets and torrents (there's a drop down menu which contains the words "application by default" in rounded brackets; select this).

• Open BC and remove the checks from checkboxes about default torrent client and about magnet URI. Click APPLY, then OK. No need to close the settings dialog window.

• Put the checks back on the checkboxes about torrents and magnets. Click APPLY again, then OK.

Try to open a magnet or a torrent link. It will work.

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