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BitComet & Mac Follow up Question.


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Now Then !!!

Hope everyone are well & Taking Care of your Selfs.. :)

OK So There was a Thread some Kid Made In 2011 & I can't seem to find it any Longer.

However I was just wanting to catch up & ask a Follow up Question That he asked near 3 Years Ago Now.

And My Question is :-

Is There any Updated News about weather there will be a Mac Version of BitComet ?

I Thought I'd ask again after 3 Years Because there as been a Rise is people Getting Mac Machines.

I Do Understand that if there was a Mac Version it would NOT be as good as the Windows Version as it'll Not be able to

Take Advantage of some of the Protocols That Windows PC's Have.

I have Somewhat of a Nice High Score That I've Built up over a Good Few Years Now

& I'd So hate to lose that Seeding Respect I Earned.

Thanks Again BitComet Developers & Staff for a Great Client

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