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p2p video streaming/BitTorrent Live support?

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Ok first here are a few links on Bittorrent Live to explain what it is for those who don't know.




This whole situation started seven months ago when I was looking at performance, costs, and avoiding censorship with video streaming. Recently I was having a conversation with the developer of Gvid, a youtube competitor, about cutting costs of video streaming and p2p video came up along side h.265/HEVC.

Basically we would like it structured where the video file is hosted on the streaming site. But having a BitTorrent swarm style sharing system where people who are streaming the file are sharing their bandwidth and what they've already downloaded with other people looking to watch the video.

No one has any type of browser add-on or extension for this. BitComet's downloader is literally the closest to what I was looking for.

So if anyone knows of any software that could do this or has experience with BitTorrent life I could use some advice.

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