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Hi everyone. New here and love what I see so far. I'm a pretty low-level techie for now and looking for some answers to a few basic questions. I've browsed threads to try and find an answer before starting a new thread.
I do everything on my Samsung S8 phone. I haven't opened my laptop in ages.
My question is: do torrents only upload while I'm downloading? I can't use Roku and run my VPN at the same time. I only download while VPN is running. So I'm wondering if my isp, or anyone else, can see any torrent activity while I'm using Roku?
Maybe a dumb newbie question but I guess I'm a little paranoid and want to be absolutely sure.
Thanks for your help.

Maybe I should have provided more info.
I have Ivacy VPN and download from Bitport.io. I play my files directly from the Bitport channel on Roku. The files are never in my phone storage.

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