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Correct Disk cache settings

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Been using BitComet for ages. There is NO better client. The LTS setup is unique delivery real speed increases that other clients just can't give and I tested a whole bunch of them and uninstalled them all. So thanks a lot to all involved.


Now that said I'm looking at the Best disk cache settings. Setting it on default is problematic with a fast connection. So i set the max to be 7GB and yes that maxes my 200Mbps line almost always I feel that 7GB is high especially when bitcomet tends to want to use the whole 7GB. Reducing this reduces the amount Bitcomet uses but large torrent downloads go slower then and Disk IO increases which is causing the slower downloads.


What are you guys setting it as and what internet speed do you guys have? Some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks


Also Bitcomet feels a bit sluggish when it's downloading at 22MB/s. Is it just me?

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