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Add new torrent sites to BitComet (revisited)


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Once again I am trying to add a couple new torrent sites to fav_en_us.xml. I have tried using a simple replacement of the out dated sites Torrent Bar, Sumo Torrent and btmon (see attached), but every time I edit the file the "Favorites" drop down in BitComet just shows up blank (no sites in list). I have tried just deleting everything in the file except what pertains to The Pirate Bay but I still get a a blank drop down list. I would like to add 

"https://limetorrents.cc/", "https://1337x.to/" and "https://kat.unblockit.ca/"

to the list but keep hitting the same problem no matter how I try adding them. If anyone can point out my errors in the attached files (1 is current 2 is my attempt to add a site), I'd be most appreciative.


BitComet 1.jpg

BitComet 2.jpg

fav_en_us.xml 1 fav_en_us.xml 2

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fav_en_us.xml 1

I have been playing with this since yesterday and had partial success. My fav_en_us.xml 1 file works pretty good. The only problem I still have with it is with Lime Torrents. If I put a file to search for in BitComet's search window I get an error that says the page is not redirecting properly. The other two sites work great...take me right to the file I am searching for. If anyone can tell me how to fix that I'd appreciate it.

The other problem I can't get past is if I add a line to fav_en_us.xml 1 (see fav_en_us.xml 2) I get a blank drop down window again. Can someone please tell me how to add 1337x to fav_en_us.xml without borking it up?

P.S. I found it much easier to edit these files using Notepad rather than Wordpad. Much cleaner.

fav_en_us.xml 2

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