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BitTorrent v2 / Re-hashing / Sharemode / Peer connection mode

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I sent this to official support email a couple of days ago, when forum was not working, thought it would be nice to post here also.


I was going to propose feature request of LT-Seeding with BitTorrent V2 since every file now has its own Merkle hash.
That way BitComet would be the first torrent client and push developers to these changes also, so it would be cross-compatible when these changes will be released in other clients.
Imagine scenario in public trackers:
Someone just updated release, and info_hash completely changed, new torrent swarm completely lost old one with valuable files and speed, only way is to reseed that release by downloading new .torrent file, BitTorrent LT-Seeding would cure all of this.
Also later there could be some option to choose to LT-Seed only files more than $this size, to reduce load.



Also I'm dying to see, customizable with RSS, share mode feature to automatically help swarms and trackers with seeding, didn't see this in any torrent client, it would be a kill move 👍🏻
===== What we need=====
I really liked BitComet for its expert mode, really useful to see the internals of BitTorrent protocol, it has export option, also it has an option "friend slot" 🙂
I decided to switch from qBittorrent, but after I copied all magnet links with intention to rehash torrents, BitComet started downloading them again with suffix "(2)" at the end, like "filename(2)", it asks to rehash torrents only if you're adding one task.
Also I couldn't see preferred protocol for downloads, I'm a big seeder and use my laptop simultaneously, after introducing uTP, my job easened up so I didn't need to adjust speed limit in a client before internet serfing, torrent client was using speed more respectfully to other applications, but to my regret BitComet doesn't have such an option.
It would be nice to change default torrent directory for saving downloaded .torrent files.
Also I couldn't see the protocol peers were using, maybe it has to be enabled in expert mode somewhere.
So, those three are crucial for me to switch:
1) Ability to rehash torrents and magnet links automatically
2) Preferred peer connection protocol with rate limits option for uTP, TCP
Not crucial:
3) Change directory for saving .torrent files
4) See protocol peers are using
5) Limit for number of connections, uploads slots, and limits for all & per torrent
6) Change limit for DHT connected nodes, didn't see such option in any torrent client, for me and others 1000+ is not necessary, and it adds more CPU cycles
7) Have a black theme
Thanks for reading through the end.
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"Also later there could be some option to choose to LT-Seed only files more than $this size, to reduce load."

Forgot to add that there could be additional options to LT-Seed only $this type of files, also BitComet could send only one additional chosen file hash of request to tracker (popular file in the time of starting a task, like the most leeched/seeded for example), not all of them, since peers can ask and fetch for other files if seed has it.

Also BitComet users could change LT-Seed custom check option in files tab for desired files.

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