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Migrated files now unable to seed

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Long time user, first time posting an issue that I couldn't find in the wiki. My download folder (drive) is / was full and I usually leave stuff there to seed, but it finally filled and so I had to move some files to another drive. Now that I have done so I am no longer able to seed them, at least I cannot figure out how to turn them back on? I can see the task in the history, but clicking that just wants to download the file again. When I tried to restart the seeding, by restarting the task in the main dashboard screen, I was given the "checksum warning tab" and then the task disappeared. 

I guess a better way to ask: "How do I restart a task, once it is completed, and the files moved to a different location? In my case a different drive, which is also now where new downlaoded task go.


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