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I'm a new BitComet user and I'm basically revisiting this thread from 2011:



There's lots of BitComet that I like, but the new task dialog is a real problem. If, as I often do, I have a webpage of torrent/magnet links I need to download, every time I click a link BC pops up, and its new task dialog pops up on top of that. I can click hit "enter" to clear the second one, but BC still has focus and when I alt-tab back to my browser window I have to work out where I got to in the list. Given that I never look at what is in the New Task dialog, just hitting Enter even before its fully loaded, it isn't doing anything other than getting in the way.

What I really want is for BC to just stay in the background throughout unless there is a problem.

The previous thread refers to a script written by funchords, but I've been unable to find it referenced anywhere else on the forums - and the chances of it working if it was out of date even in 2011 seem slim. 

Any suggestions as to how to manage my workflow differently to fit how BC works, or how to bypass the dialog? 

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