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Editing of "added date" and "finished date" and more

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1) Add the abilities to manual edit the "added date" and "finished date" of each torrent task on the main torrent list.

2) Able to search each individual file in global torrent list and within a single torrent task.

3) it seems turning off hash checking after task is finished does not stop BitComet from hashing it after completion. Maybe that is just my BitComet.

4) Able to set the time between each automatic torrent list backup manually (downloads.xml).

5) Easier to transfer the entire backup torrent list to a new computer set up. Like inserting the old downloads.xml to a new computer should have work and BitComet have the old list running but I did not have success with it. I want better backup and transferablity between computers.

6) Able to setup the max upload rate in responding the current download speed. That way at low down speed allows a higher max upload speed. At higher down speed, allow limiting the max upload speed.

7) set max upload and download speed at each drive level or a group of tasks.

😎 Can unselect the keyboards 'enter key' as the start and stop of torrent tasks. I always accidentally press enter then ending stopping torrent tasks. 

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