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Error message when downloading videos

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I keep trying to download movies...most of which work...but then sometimes i get this message: Error: Tracker Response Error:requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker in Tracker: http://www.justinwb.com:6969/announce. Then a little red X appears next to the torrent where the downloading/uploading icon should be. It continues to download but only partially. A little problen that is giving me a lot of trouble. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The translated response from the tracker is, "I nevva heard of that torrent".

It means that the torrent wasn't uploaded to that tracker, or it was removed for some reason including violation of the tracker site rules, unauthorized uploader, or a discovered mistake in the torrent (sound out of synch) so the uploader removed it.

If there is an associated forum or comment thread for the torrent, you should check there to see what's being said about it. There may be a lead to another torrent with the same material, or you may discover problems with it.

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